The Best Patient Sling is Body Up Here is What People are Saying.

With out a doubt, Body Up Evolution was a pleasant surprise for everyone here in the family.You can imagine how surprising was for my brother, who suffers from Multiple Sclerosis.It simple but yet multifunctional and these two futures are combined very well on this product.A few days before, we were demonstrated a typical motorized hoist with no succes at all.My brother was negative and the house not too big.We want to thank you for you willingness and kindness.Your advises were really helpful.
Best regards
Antonios K. Papoulias

Antonis Papoulias May. 7, 2016

Im suffering from poliomyelitis.For many years, i was trying to find a way to allow my easy access at the bathroom.Body Up Evolution was the solution by making a small modification because my bathroom door was too narrow.It is so practical and easy to use that my over aged parents are using it on order to help me with my everyday needs!The people from the Company demonstrated Body Up in my house and proved its usability.I really recommend it, especially for patients that can not serve themselves and have weak arms.

Dimitris Tsimpoukis May. 7, 2016

I really can’t say enough about how miraculous the Bodyup is!!I’d never have believed that just one device could take the place of all of the other mobility aids I’ve had to use through the years.For the past few years, I’ve taken care of my Dad who has Parkinson’s and there is no end to the equipment needed just to get around town and do the simplest of things.I am so happy to say that once I got the BodyUP I was able to do away with almost all of it!
Thank you!!!

User from the USA May. 7, 2016

Excited to help make a difference.
I am excited to be a part of Body UP!It is a passion of mine to help as many people a possible improve their lives.This product truly does that! For so long in the US market there has only been one product that can help people who are mobility challenged move from one location to the next (out of their wheelchair). The product is quite cumbersome and is not as compact or user friendly.This product helps create dignity and truly solves the problem from transitioning from a wheelchair to the car or to the Doctor.It helps take the burden off the care giver and give dignity to the mobility challenged.Truly Life Changing and worth every dollar!

User from the USA May. 7, 2016

“A Wheelchair aid device is not only an auxiliary transport aid, but a necessary tool that directly affects and often determines the daily activities and lifestyle of the user.We needed one for my mother who suffers from dementia and Parkinson disease in advanced stage which makes the movement of the particular individual very difficult.We purchased Body Up Evolution, directly from the company Veziris Healthcare, whose owners and staff are excellent at finding solutions to serve their customers.Body Up Evolution is very practical, it covers all the basics that a wheel devise needs to have.It is lightweight, the back is at the right height and does not reduce the freedom of movement of the hands. It is a vital utility tool which determines the level of activation or passivation, and helps us to move her easily anyewhere in the house.”

Dimitris Dimitriou May. 7, 2016

I would like to inform the SportstiL* company that since we purchaced Body Up, we found a solution on how to lift and transfer our grandmother from her bed to the wheelchair etc.Our life has really changed after that.Again, we thank the company.
*Former name of Veziris Healthcare.

Nickolas Apergis May. 3, 2016

Body Up Evolution has changed my life!
Im using this for more than two years now and i have to admit that it has risen my life’s quality significantly.
I was condemned to spend every day in bed but my helper now can raise me without any fatigue.I have gained easy access to every room around the house inlcuding the bathroom and car accessibilty has been easier then ever.Thank you very much for you gave me freedom!Every single ride with the Body Up Evolution is priceless!!

Nicoleta Kalafatsi Apr. 27, 2016

Thank you very, very, much for your quick response.I will give your product a very good review on your website. It has give us our life back.I weight 100 pounds and lifting a 144 pound man using traditional lifts, gait belts, etc. is just not possible for me.In addition to my small body not being able to handle most traditional lifts,they did not work well for my husband either.If you lay him back in a hammock type position, he is not able to breathe.
If you put straps around his chest,he cannot breath.The upright chair position of your product transfers him in a safe and comfortable position, for both of us.Getting the pad/seat positioned correctly under him, and getting it to stay in place,was a bit of a learning curve,but with practice we have accomplished it.
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

Marilyn Stevens Apr. 27, 2016

The 24th of June is the day that changed my life! Until then, i was condemned to live on a bed since my wife couldnt keep on trying to lift me two to three times a day, everyday… Body Up Evolution allowed me to get out of bed and to do things! I wake up early every morning in order to seize the day, spend time in the living room, have a coffe at the balcony or watch a movie with my wife.I couldnt do all these before… Yes, its a life change.

Polikarpos Kotrotsis Apr. 27, 2016

My family has acquired Body Up Evolution for over a year and we are using it in order to be able to lift my mother from the bed and move her to any room she desires, inlcuding her personal wheelchair.It has served us well! Our doctor (pathologist) believes that if we didnt have Body Up Evolution, my mother might not have been alive today… and i agree.

Eva Trapali Apr. 27, 2016