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5 Tips for Driving Elderly Patients Safely

If you are responsible for a senior and they are no longer able to drive, you may want to consider a caregiver to serve as chauffer, and mobility equipment like a vehicle lift or body lift that will enable the senior to travel by car. Think about what that means to a senior. If they can’t get to a doctor then the option is having a doctor come to him or her and that means a nursing home.

Having a reliable and safe way to get to appointments, visit family and friends, even grocery shopping provides the senior with a sense of self value and self-worth.

But if you are going to hire a caregiver to drive there are prudent precautions you should take in their selection. Uber and Lyft are not options. You need you find a qualified and responsible caregiver to transport your senior.

Body Up Evolution, a leader in body lift equipment has five useful tips when considering a driver for your loved one.

5 Tips for Driving Elderly Patients Safely

Picking the right driver is key to a successful, worry free transportation plan. Here are a few of the things you should consider:

  1. In a face to face interview you will want to ask the caretaker candidate what their experience is driving seniors. How many years? What were their best and worst experiences?
  2. Ask for their driver’s license and take a picture of it. Check with your local DMV to get the driving record of the candidate. Remember your DMV will only be able to provide your state’s records. If the caregiver has only been in the state a short time, check the DMV from the previous residence.
  3. Ask situational questions that apply to your senior’s situation. This gives the caregiver an idea of what the job will entail. It also gives you an idea of how the caregiver reacts to situations that are likely to occur with your senior. What would you do if; the senior refuses to leave for an appointment, gets angry with the caregiver in the car, refuses to buckle up, has a bathroom emergency? These types of questions can be invaluable for both you and the caregiver.
  4. Set up written rules regarding transportation. Layout types of establishments like bars, race tracks etc. that are on a no-go list. Will night driving be permitted? Forbid the use of mobile devices while driving. Who to contact if there is a roadside emergency. How will fuel and other expenses be handled? The more complete the list the more defined the job becomes and the less room for misunderstandings.
  5. If your senior is not mobile and needs to be transferred from a wheel chair to a car seat and seat to wheel chair, consider getting a vehicle body lift device. These systems require no modification to the vehicle. They are lightweight, easy to use, require no heavy lifting and fold to easily fit in the trunk.


If your senior has mobility issues there are solutions that don’t involve heavy, bulky equipment and strenuous lifting by the caregiver. We invite you watch our video and then call us today with your questions. We can make your senior’s life simpler.