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FDA on Patient Lift Safety and How to Avoid Serious Injury

FDA Guidelines on Patient Lift Safety for Caregivers and How to Avoid Serious Injury

A patient lift can be a lifesaver but it can also represent a major safety challenge for both the caregiver and the patient. Patient falls from lifts can cause injuries including fractures, head trauma or even death. A caregiver who is unfamiliar with how to safely use the lift can cause serious injury to both themselves and the patient.

The FDA has provided some safety guidelines for the proper use of patient lifts.

  1. DO NOT push, pull or lift weight while:
    • Off-balance or leaning forward
    • Twisting and/or reaching
    • Entrapped in a confined space
  2. Work as closely to the patient as possible to avoid stress or leaning
  3. Be sure you understand how to operate the specific sling or lift you are using and use the proper attachments and accessories
  4. Do not use a lift for transport unless it is specifically designed for transport in a car or van
  5. Never leave a patient unattended in a lift and do not keep them in the lift for more than a few minutes at a time
  6. Do not hold or support a patients weight while they are in a lift it could cause the lift to detach
  7. Never operate a lift alone if it requires more than one person to operate.
  8. Disinfect after use and keep the lift clean
  9. If the lift or sling has rips, tears or shows any sign of damage do not use
  10. Receive training and practice before operating a lift

With the proper understanding of how to use it safely a patient lift can be a wonderful device for both the caregiver and the patient. If you have questions on patient lift safety give us a call now at 954-658-6502 and we will be happy to assist you.