Body Up Evolution Patient Lift vs. The Hoyer Lift

Body Up Evolution Patient Lift vs. The Hoyer Lift

body up evolution vs. hoyer

Patient lifts and transfer devices have been around for some time. They are designed to assist caregivers in transferring patients from their home to a car or from their bed to the bathtub or toilet. Moving an elderly or bedridden patient can be challenging and hazardous. A good patient lift is designed to safely transfer patients without harming the patient or the caregiver. There have been great strides in the design of patient lifts and medical transfer devices in the last few years. The Body Up Evolution patient lift and transfer devices has transformed the industry when compared with other devices on the market.

Comparing the Body Up Evolution with the Hoyer Lift

Hoyer lifts are some of the top selling brands available on the market. Body Up Evolutions is both lighter and smaller than the Hoyer. This makes it easier to use and more versatile for caregivers. The Body Up’s major differentiator from the Hoyer is that is acts as a 4 in-1:

It’s lightweight and versatility make Body Up Evolution a good choice for caregivers over the Hoyer lift. It is also generally priced better than the Hoyer lift.