How To Lift a Patient

Experts Explain How to Safely Transfer an Elderly Patient or Loved One

If you are a caregiver to someone with mobility issues you already know that transferring that person from one spot to another is a major challenge without using a patient transfer device. Simple actions that we take for granted like getting out of bed, going to the bathroom, sitting in a favorite chair become tasks that require at least one person to assist with.

As a caregiver you expose yourself to serious back issues every time you transfer a patient if you do not follow some simple tips on taking care of your back’s health. The medical lift experts at Body Up Evolution want to pass on key rules to prevent strains, tears, and other back injuries. These tips apply if you are using a medical lift device or not:

  • Before lifting, make sure you have a solid foundation by placing your feet apart to shoulder width with one foot a half step ahead of the other.
  • Remember, you want to lift with your legs, never with your back. Never attempt to lift a patient who weighs more than you can handle. It’s not safe for you or the patient.
  • Take care of your back. Do basic stretching exercises before attempting a transfer. If you sit for an extended period of time, get up, stretch and walk around a bit. Don’t let your back muscles tighten up.

Medical Lift Devices Can be a Game Changer

Patient transfers can be uncomfortable for both the patient and the caregiver. Using a medical lift device can ease the strain, speed up the process and provide a sense of dignity for the patient. There are many devices to choose from but keep in mind how many transfers and how many types of transfers your patient needs to make each day (bath, wheel chair, car, etc.). A device that can provide maximum utility will make life far easier for both patient and caregiver alike.

Body Up Evolution makes transfer devices for almost every situation but their most popular is a light weight, stainless steel chair that can be used as a lift, bath chair, indoor wheel chair, and easily accommodates transfer into a full size wheel chair or even an automobile.

If you are a caregiver and you would like to make life easier for yourself and your patient, contact us today and discuss the many options available.